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We do not request personal information unless it is necessary for the products or services that we are offering. This Privacy Policy discloses how information we do collect is used. Whenever possible, users have options that limit the use of their personal information.

While we collect some information from all visitors, most of this information is not personally identifiable or private information. The most basic pieces of information include the visitor's IP address, the browser and operating system identification, and the time and date. This is required in order to operate any website and prevent abuse.

In order for certain features to work correctly, the site may require visitors to allow cookies (both setting and sending). Part of the functionality of a cookie involves recording some user activity on this site (cookies cannot and do not collect information about any sites other than those operated by easis.com).

While easis.com makes all reasonable efforts to protect personal information, there is no guarantee of privacy.

Specific terms for "SMS Recovery" and "SMS Recovery DEMO" for Android
"SMS Recovery" and "SMS Recovery DEMO" for Android requires access to certain personal information on your Android device to provide appropriate functionality. "SMS Recovery" and "SMS Recovery DEMO" for Android does not collect, transmit or store any personal information. Any personal information accessed is used locally on the device and solely for the application to provide suitable functionality. Since we do not collect or store any personal information, we do not disclose and may not use your personal information in any way.

This site may display advertisements. Advertisements are often hosted by a third party. While easis.com makes every effort to ensure that advertising is reasonable and non-offensive, the third party advertiser is responsible for the content of the advertisements. Since visitors will see advertisements that the site owner can not, concerns may be reported using the contact email on this site.
Visitors' personal information collected here is not passed on without direct consent. User lists are never sold or passed on.

How we store information
Collected information is stored in databases on local servers and on backups which are made periodically. Private information, such as passwords, are encrypted or hashed to prevent unauthorized access.

Responses to requests for information
If a user requests products or services from easis.com via the contact page or other methods, then that user's personal information is used to deliver the product or service and facilitate other related communication.

Statistics gathering
This site gathers information for the purpose of analyzing site performance and user engagement. Information used in these cases is used in aggregate and not intended to identify individual users. Third party software and services (such as Google Analytics or awstats) may be used to help in statistics gathering and analysis. These software and services may gather additional information and have their own privacy policies.
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