Fast Recall
is the recovery instrument to be used after virus attacks, or if a password got lost, of if you have a defect driver. It is also useful when a folder is no longer found or cannot be opened any more.

In case data recovery with Fast Recall is not successful, Data LifeSaver will recognize this automatically and tell you to start Volume Recovery.
Volume Recovery
is the most powerful instrument and recovers data from devices when a more complex problem has occurred. The software reconstructs files, folders and file systems from even very little fragments of information.

Volume Recoverysaves data with a much more complex and more exact procedure. It should always be applied if the cause of a problem is not known or when a first run with Recycle Files or Fast Recallhas not been successful.
Fast Recycle
reconstructs files and folders that were deleted and removed from the bin. If you don't find your data use the volume recovery modules and check 'Show deleted files' in the option window.