EASIS Drive Cloning
Why the full version:
  • High drive image compression
  • Bab sector re-READ option
  • Reduce images to 'real' partitions
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Free EASIS Drive Cloning
Features free version:
  • Drive cloning
  • Creating hard drive images
  • Rewrite images back to drive
Hard Drive Image
The reason to make a hard drive image is often to have a system backup including all system settings, software installations and licenses. The easiest and fastest way to come back after a hard drive crash is to have a complete system backup.

Another reason for making as fast as possible an bit-wise image is a still dieing hard drive. Later you can do a data recovery from this image.

Let's do a hard drive image:
  • Download, install and start EASIS Drive Cloning.
  • We recommend that the source hard drive or partition is setup as slave in your computer but it's not necessary. However, if the source hard drive is not slave be sure you don't work with the source drive during the byte copy process.
  • Select now the source drive or partition for the imaging process
  • In the next step select a good name for the drive image and save it on a NTFS formatted drive.
  • In the full version you can select now some image options. For reducing the image file size use a compression. Select some re-reads if you need to copy data from some sectors.
  • Start the creation process.


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