Frequently Ask Questions in Data LifeSaver Data Recovery Software
Q: I'm unable to find my deleted partitions with 'Fast Recall''?
A: To recover deleted partitions you have to use the Modul 'Volume Recovery'. Select the hard drive with the deleted partition. After the scan you are able to browse in your partition using the virtual file system. From this point you can recover your files and folders.
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Q: When scanning a Hard drive I keep getting out of memory error. What could be causing this error.
A: You have to allow Windows to increase his virtual memory automatically on demand. Often, the allowed size of the virtual memory is fixed.
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Q: Is Data LifeSaver capable to recover valuable Internet Bookmarks/Favourites?
A: Yes! Choose 'Fast Recall' to scan the right partition. Select 'Show deleted files' and use the search window to find *.url files if you use IE or the 'bookmark.html' if you use firefox.
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Q: I have a tip suggesting that I "open files up for recovery quality tests". What I have to do exactly.
A: There are no special tests. Simply open your docs, jpgs or mp3s and check if the content intact.
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