Data Recovery after Computer Crash, Virus Attack, Lost or Deleted Data, Formatted Hard Drives or Deleted Partitions.

Really easy data recovery with

Do-It-Youself software wizard. Shareware includes free file preview and free single file recovery for your evaluation.
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  • Supports hard drives with 4Kb sector size ( > 3TB )
  • Fastest data recovery of deleted files and folders
  • Recovers original directory structure
  • Recovers original file and folder names
  • Data recovery after formatting
  • Data recovery after corrupt partition
  • Data recovery from corrupt file systems
  • Data recovery after file or folder deletions
  • Recovers FAT 12/16/32 and all NTFS file systems
  • Works with Windows NT, 2k, XP,Vista 7,8
  • Pre-installed data recovery tasks for typical scenarios
  • Complete Unicode support
  • File format independent data recovery
  • Recovers original file date and file time
  • HDD speed optimized for fast data recovery
  • Recovers files with NTFS file compression
  • Free single file recovery
    for evaluation purposes
  • EASIS Data Recovery is a high performance software wizard to reconstruct and recover data from a large variety of storage devices. Typically these are hard drives, memory cards,sd cards, external storage devices and other media that are formatted with Windows (NTFS,FAT) file systems.

    EASIS Data Recovery wizard makes the data recovery as easy as possible. EASIS Data Recovery is a read only and includes free single file recovery.

    You only have to pick the hard drive or logical drive to be scanned. Upon completion you save the relevant data/ files and the recovery process is finished. That’s all. You only need very little knowledge on the problem or your computer system. The software analyzes it automatically und uses this information for the recovery process.

    The software works with the most sophisticated algorithms for pattern recognition. It will recover data that other data recovery programmes are not able to reconstruct. Test the software on your computer first. You will actually see the recoverable data in their original application. Otherwise you can recover single files for free to evaluate the software.

    For one time use you can purchase a limited license, valid for 14 days. If you want to be on the safe side and be better prepared in the future, you can purchase a full license and get a registration key without time limit. It is possible to upgrade from a limited to an unlimited license. EASIS Data Recovery is a read only software that will never destroy a storage device or any data saved to it. All recovered data will be saved to a media different from the original one.
    For successful data recovery the system should have at least a 1 GHz processor and 512 MB RAM

    Depending on the size of the storage device to be recovered we recommend a PC with at least 1 GHz and 1 GB RAM.

    EASIS Data Recovery uses quite a lot of memory when recovering a large volume of data. If your computer doesn´t have enough accessible RAM, the operating system will source extra memory to successfully complete the process. So there will be no restrictions if Windows is allowed to increase his virtual memory.

    Please make sure you have all the storage devices needed. You will need another recovery device where you can install the software and later save the recovered data to.
    Mega Tip

    It's allowed to recover single files without purchase in the evaluation version.
    No joke! Every file type. No size limit! As often you want!

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