Preparations - what you need to do first

If possible, save then install the Data LifeSaver installation program on a drive other than the one on which your files were lost.

Please make sure you have all the storage devices needed. You will need another recovery device where you can install the software and later save the recovered data to.
This may be
  • another hard disk, ZIP drive or a USB stick
  • an undamaged partition on the same hard drive or
  • another workstation when you are part of a PC network.

Apart from this we highly recommend to make an image of the damaged device before the recovery process. For this you will need an extra storage device.

Doing this you will keep the original storage media in the best possible state and you may use it for a physical recovery procedure later in a laboratory if necessary. This applies especially if a physical damage cannot be excluded.

With every working process on a physically damaged disk more data could be destroyed, even when only reading. You should not use Data LifeSaver (or other software) on a disk itself that has too many physical damages. Create an image first and work on this!